WTCB Vision 2030 - burning questions


Dear colleagues,

We all know that the construction sector is one of the biggest consumers of material and energy and being reponsible for more than one third of all CO2 emissions and waste, while the past decades we’ve  hardly achieved any improvement of our production efficieny.

This means that we all have a major responsibility in urgently fixing this problematic situation.  But at the same time we should embrace the circular economy as a unique opportunity.

As Thomas Rau carefully explained to us “our biggest vision should be our current reality”.  It’s no matter anymore of further optimizing our current fragmented way of working. No , it’s a matter of a more drastic change and a fundamental transformation towards developing and offering integrated circular service solutions with the lowest possible life cycle cost.

  • Do you want to learn more about circular design principles and how new buildings can contain their economical value in a circular economy?
  • Do you want to learn more about the actual possibilities of urban mining and low impact materials?
  • Do you want to know what we can learn from the automotive sector making use of more standardised and prefabricated processes?
  • Do you agree that the government should act a role model and should stop publishing public tenders only incentivizing the intial price of a building instead of the integral life cycle cost?
  • Do you agree that the sharing economy, offering service models based on a “pay for use” principle , is an enabler for a circular economy?

These and many more of your burning questions will be vively discussed during our live debat next week on wednesday.

We have selected a number of experts who will be challenged and asked about their opinion illustrated by real life examples.

So don’t miss out this unique opportunity to learn more about the impact of the circular economy on our near future.

We are already looking forward and we truly hope to see you all back next week on wednesday on December 16th @ 5 pm.

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